NICA is the governing body for high school cycling. Utah is working with NICA to become an Emerging League this fall and a Project League starting January 2012. As a League, NICA invests in Utah to get our League up and running. They provide coaching education and licensing.
Partnered with THE POSITIVE COACHING ALLIANCE, they will train coaches, assistants, rider leaders, etc. Bringing to Utah a Leader's Summit which will teach coaches everything from how to teach mountain biking skills to running the school program, all with a focus on how to treat kids with respect and build their self esteem through positive coaching. NICA will aid in skills clinics for kids and in getting our races up and running. We are planning on a fall race schedule and late summer training. NICA races follow a 4-6 mile lap format, making them very spectator friendly so parents, families, and friends can watch their athlete race and cheer them on!

-FUN! FUN! FUN! We want to meet needs of those kids not in mainstream sports, and do so in a positive way that builds the self esteem of kids. Cycling is a life-long sport, you can be 40 or 60 years old and still out riding or racing, providing health and fitness for life!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Finding Grants

Spent the week drafting the bid. I also spent hours upon hours pouring over grants. I literally looked at 1292 federal grants that were health related. There are a couple we can apply for.  Has anyone written grants before and want to serve on our sponsorship/fundraising committee? :)  :)  :) please?

You know what is so totally great, though? As I work on each aspect of the bid and it starts be become alive and a reality. For example finding race venues. I go out to the course and ride (usually with someone) and we map and figure things out. Then, there is that sweet moment when it all comes together. After Johnny and I rode the Draper course, I went back the next day and walked the entire course. I wanted to just take it slow and think about every possible thing. I thought about the kids racing, the strategy they would need to use for this course, what parts might be a challenge for a new young girl, where they could pass, how they would feel on subsequent laps, where we need to put course officials, where emergency vehicles could access the course, etc. etc. I walked and drove around the parking and arena area and began to visualize the big start/finish arch and all the fanfare next to it, the "pit" and the staging area, where the parents would be watching from, how many volunteers it would take to help run it, what parents with little kids would do, the parking, people coming and going, where would sponsors set up tents/booths, where we could put a bbq and food booth to make some money, where first aid would be and emergency vehicles. It started to become real and alive and I got so freaking excited! I saw in my mind all these kids having fun and loving their bikes, and all the hours I've spent on this became so worth it! It was the best feeling!! This is going to be so amazing!

I can't thank everyone who has been and is helping enough!!!! We are on the countdown. Bid due in just over 2 months. If it would just stop snowing, we have to finish a couple race courses. And finalize some sponsorship and we are looking great!