NICA is the governing body for high school cycling. Utah is working with NICA to become an Emerging League this fall and a Project League starting January 2012. As a League, NICA invests in Utah to get our League up and running. They provide coaching education and licensing.
Partnered with THE POSITIVE COACHING ALLIANCE, they will train coaches, assistants, rider leaders, etc. Bringing to Utah a Leader's Summit which will teach coaches everything from how to teach mountain biking skills to running the school program, all with a focus on how to treat kids with respect and build their self esteem through positive coaching. NICA will aid in skills clinics for kids and in getting our races up and running. We are planning on a fall race schedule and late summer training. NICA races follow a 4-6 mile lap format, making them very spectator friendly so parents, families, and friends can watch their athlete race and cheer them on!

-FUN! FUN! FUN! We want to meet needs of those kids not in mainstream sports, and do so in a positive way that builds the self esteem of kids. Cycling is a life-long sport, you can be 40 or 60 years old and still out riding or racing, providing health and fitness for life!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Utah Bike Summit this Friday!

Hello!  We will have a booth at the Utah Bike Summit this Friday, April 29! The summit is from 7:30 am to 5 pm at the Salt Lake Community College, Miller Campus. Andy Clark, President of the League of American Bicyclists will be presenting, along with Kevin Lewis, Brett McIff, Shaunna Burbidge, Max Testa, Dave Harward and others. Bike Utah's mission is to promote and preserve the safety, opportunities, and responsibilities of cyclists through legislation, education, and facilities development. I want to thank Tara McKee for supporting us and asking us to come!

Lori is off to Colorado's Leader Summit this weekend. Heather, our coach at Mound Ford Jr. is going too. We are looking forward to a great experience! Did you see the great NICA t-shirts? "I wish they had this when we were in school"? Well, not only is it true that everyone says that to us, but I also wish I could have gone to this clinic years ago and learned some on-the-bike skills! Sigh!

More exciting news, we are half-way there in sponsorship money. Yae! We are still waiting to hear back from several businesses, and are making contact with others as well. If you happen to have a connection with anyone  you think would be interested in sponsoring us, contact Lori.

Our coaches are still contacting schools, and we keep hearing back from more and more. Park City is on board! We have several schools in Alpine District we need to work out some details for, but we have coaches and the schools are supportive.

Everything is going really great! We just need the snow to melt to map out some race courses in the mountains!